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Straccia U., Visco G. DLMedia: an ontology mediated multimedia information retrieval system. In: URSW 2008 - International Workshop on Uncertainty Reasoning for the Semantic Web (Karlsruhe, Germany, october 2008). Proceedings, 2008.
We outline DL-Media, an ontology mediated multimedia information retrieval system, which combines logic-based retrieval with multimedia feature-based similarity retrieval. An ontology layer is used to define (in terms of a fuzzy DLR-Lite like description logic) the relevant abstract concepts and relations of the application domain, while a content-based multimedia retrieval system is used for feature-based retrieval. We will illustrate its logical model, its architecture, its representation and query language and the preliminary experiments we conducted.
URL: http://c4i.gmu.edu/ursw/2008/papers/URSW2008_F4_StracciaVisco.pdf
Subject Multimedia
Description Logics
I.2.4 Knowledge Representation Formalisms and Methods

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