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Tonellotto N., Ferrini R., Baraglia R., Ricci L., Yahyapour R. QoS-constrained List scheduling heuristics for parallel applications on grids. In: 16th Euromicro Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-Based Processing. PDP2008 (Toulouse, France, 13-15 February 2008). Proceedings, pp. 379 - 383. IEEE Computer Society Press, 2008.
This paper presents QLSE (QoS-constrained List Scheduling hEuristics), a Quality of Service-based launch time scheduling algorithm for wide area Grids. QLSE considers applications described by a TIG whose nodes and edges are labeled according to the Quality of Service requirements of the application. The high values obtained in the performance evaluation for both the tasks communication and computation throughput demonstrates the applicability of the proposed approach.
URL: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/iel5/4457085/4457086/04457147.pdf?isnumber=4457086&prod=CNF&arnumber=4457147&arSt=379&ared=383&arAuthor=Tonellotto%2C+Nicola%3B+Baraglia%2C+Ranieri%3B+Ferrini%2C+Renato%3B+Ricci%2C+Laura%3B+Yahyapour%2C+Ramin&htry=8
Subject Scheduling
D.1.3 Concurrent Programming

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