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Lucchese C., Deepak R., Michail V., Philip S. Y. Ownership protection of shapes with geodesic distance preservation. In: 11th International Conference on Extending Database Technology (Nantes, France, 25-29 March 2008). Proceedings, Electronic Conference Proceedings, 2008.
We present rights protection techniques for shape datasets. The embedded ownership seal induces an imperceptible visual distortion and is particularly robust to a variety of transformations, including rotation, translation, scaling, noise addition and resampling. The proposed ownership protection scheme additionally preserves the geodesic distances between the dataset objects, hence preserving the mining capacity of the dataset. We also demonstrate extensions for dendrogram preservation. Our findings are illustrated on image shapes extracted from anthropological and natural science data.
URL: http://www.edbt.org/Proceedings/2008-Nantes/papers/p276-Vlachos.pdf
Subject Privacy preserving data mining
Time series
H.2.7 Database Administration
H.2.8 Database Applications

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