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Gnesi S. Software engineering: Ugo Montanari's main contributions and introduction to the section. Pierpaolo Degano, Rocco De Nicola, Josť Meseguer (eds.). (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 5065). Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer, 2008.
Ugo Montanari began to work in software engineering related topics in the early eighties when he started to promote the use of formal techniques in industries. In that period Ugo established a strong cooperation mainly with Olivetti, that was for more than a decade a very active italian ICT company. Those were also the years when the first Progetto Finalizzato Informatica started and in this contextUgo chaired the P1 subproject, "IndustriaNazionale del settore: Architettura e Struttura dei Sistemi di Elaborazione" whose aims were: i) the development of a prototypical local network meant also to be used to develop software products for the public administration; ii) the realization of a prototypical micro processor with dependability, availability and reconfigurability characteristics to be employed for industrial automation; iii) the development of methods and software programs to be used as basis for the software production.
URL: http://www.springerlink.com/content/n2n46v02752h/?p=a183f45d49c74e52a3a35a875666320f&pi=230
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-68679-8_16
Subject Software engineering

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