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Reiterer B., Concolato C., Lachner J., Le Feuvre J., Moissinac J., Lenzi S., Chessa S., Ferrà E. F., Gonzalez Menaya J. J., Hellwagner H. User-centric universal multimedia access in home networks. In: Visual Computer, vol. 24 (7/9) pp. 837 - 845. Springer, 2008.
Much research is currently being conducted towards Univer- sal Multimedia Access, aiming at removing barriers that arise when multimedia content is to be consumed with more and more heterogeneous devices and over diverse networks. We argue that users should be put at the center of the research work to enable user-centric multimedia access. In this paper we present the require- ments for a user-centric multimedia access system in a networked home environment. These requirements are easy access to available content repositories, context awareness, con- tent adaptation and session migration. After showing the limits of state-of- the-art technologies, we present the architecture of a system which allows unified access to the home network content, automatically delivered to rendering devices close to the user, adapted according to the rendering device constraints, and which is also capable of session mobility.
URL: http://www.springerlink.com/content/fpjj19237704788k/fulltext.pdf
DOI: 10.1007/s00371-008-0265-5
Subject Universal Multimedia Access
Multimedia adaptation
Context awareness
Content Sharing
C.2 Computer-Communication Networks

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