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Righi M., Barcaro U., Starita A., Karakonstantaki E., Micheloyannis S. Detection of signs of brain dysfunction in epileptic children by recognition of transient changes in the correlation of seizure-free EEG. In: Brain Topography, vol. 21 (1) pp. 43 - 51. Springer, 2008.
Seizure-free EEG signals recorded from epileptic children were compared with EEG signals recorded from normal children. The comparison was based on the detection of transient events characterized by decrease in the correlation between different traces. For this purpose, a conceptually and mathematically simple method was applied. Two clear and remarkable phenomena, able to quantitatively discriminate between the two groups of subjects, were evidenced, with high statistical significance. In fact, it was observed that: (a) The number of events for the epileptic group was larger; (b) Applying restrictive criteria for event definition, the number of subjects in the epileptic group presenting events was larger. The results support the hypothesis of a decrease in brain correlation in children with epilepsy under treatment. This confirms the efficacy of the EEG signal in evaluating cortical functional differences not visible by visual inspection, independently of the cause (epilepsy or drugs), and demonstrate the specific effectiveness of the analysis method applied.
URL: http://www.springerlink.com/content/bx2w2178u040524l/fulltext.pdf
DOI: 10.1007/s10548-008-0057-2
Subject EEG Analysis
I.5.4 Pattern Recognition. Applications

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