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Magnenat Thalmann N., Peternier A., Righetti X., Lim M., Papagiannakis G., Fragopoulos T., Lambropoulou K., Barsocchi P., Thalmann D. A virtual 3D mobile guide in the INTERMEDIA project. In: Visual Computer, vol. 24 (7/9) pp. 827 - 836. Springer, 2008.
In this paper, we introduce a european re- search pro ject, interactive media with personal networked devices (INTERMEDIA) in which we seek to progress beyond home and device-centric convergence toward truly user-centric convergence of multimedia. Our vision is The User as Multimedia Central: the user as the point at which multimedia services and the means for interact- ing with them converge. This paper proposes the main research goals so that users can be provided with a per- sonalized interface and content independently of physical networked devices, space and time. As a case study, we describe an indoors, mobile mixed reality guide system: Chloe@University. With a see-through head-mounted dis- play (HMD) connected to a small wearable computing device, Chloe@University provides users with an efficient way of guiding in a building. A 3D virtual character in front of the user guides him/her to the required destina- tion.
URL: http://www.springerlink.com/content/qh751j2742tw0687/fulltext.pdf
DOI: 10.1007/s00371-008-0264-6
Subject Interactive Media
Dynamic Networks
Personalized and Wearable Interface
Content Management
Mobile Mixed Reality
Virtual Humans

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