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Bolchini C., Giusti A., Furfari F., Lenzi S. Logical and physical data structures for Flash memories for lightweight, portable databases. Technical report, 2007.
This report presents the design and implementation of appropriate logical and physical data structures for Flash EEPROM memories, developed to increase access performance, reduce power consumption ad improve the device endurance. Such data structures have been exploited in the implementation of a driver for the physical data management layer of a lightweight DataBase Management System (DBMS), developed for devices with Flash memory storage. The DBMS has been designed from scratch to exploit the proposed logical and physical data structures, with the aim of supporting the use of context-aware applications, running on a portable device, working on a limited amount of data, which is opportunely selected based on the context.
Subject Lightweight Database
Mobile Device
Flash Eprom
E.2 Data Storage Representations

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