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De Angelis G. Exploiting extra functional model annotations for B3G applications.
Beyond Third Generation (B3G) mobile networks will encompass various kinds of technologies and telecommunication protocols, according to network connectivity, environment conditions or user preferences. Consequently, software applications for B3G scenarios will have to deal with both the heterogeneity and flexibility of the run-time context, and the limitedness of resources on the target mobile devices. In this thesis we argue that B3G scenarios cover the characteristics and the issues exposed by both a closed world vision and by an open one. Depending on the scenario and on the abstraction level, model-based approaches provide the opportunity and capability to consider the most proper aspects in such a dichotomy. We present two different approaches for model-based analysis of extra-functional properties of a system under development, the first conceived for application to embedded systems; the second for web services compositions. Having been working on model-based approaches for assessment of extra-functional properties in both domains in different projects, we believe that these two domains are going to converge in B3G applications. Thus design and analysis in B3G domain will have to reconcile both visions and suitably combine the two presented or similar approaches into one common framework.
Subject Model based design
Performance analysis
Service Orinted Architecture
Testbed generation
D.2.2 Design Tools and Techniques
D.2.5 Testing and Debugging

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