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Bertolino A. PLASTIC - test framework: prototype implementation. Providing Lightweight and Adaptable Service Technology for pervasive Information and Communication (IST-2005-26955). Deliverable D4.2, 2007.
This document is the second deliverable of PLASTIC Work Package 4 (WP4): Service Validation Methodology and Tools. It provides guidelines for installing and using the tools that have been developed within the work package. The first deliverable released by the work package complements this deliverable providing a more detailed view on the proposed PLASTIC validation framework. As described in the Deliverable 4.1, the framework is organised around two main phases, respectively called off-line and on-line, which correspond to two consecutive phases in the service lifecycle. The first phase, referred as off-line validation, concerns validation at development time. In this phase services are tested in a fake/simulated environment that reproduces functional and/or non-functional run-time conditions. The second phase of the validation framework is referred as on-line validation. This phase foresees testing of a service when it is ready for deployment and final usage. Two main stages have been identified within the on-line phase. The first stage is called admission and concerns testing of services when they ask to be included in a registry. Following the admission testing idea registration will be granted only to services that pass the testing phase. The last stage of the framework, part of the on-line phase, is the validation during the Live Usage stage. In this stage service behaviours are observed during real execution to reveal possible deviation from the expected behaviour. Also in this case validation can cover both functional and non-functional properties.
URL: http://www.ist-plastic.org
Subject On-line and Off-line testing
Model-Based Testing
QoS testing
Testbed Harness
D.2.5 Testing and Debugging

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