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Marchetti E. ART DECO - Preliminary report on devised methodologies and tools for verification, testing and QoS evaluation. adaptive infrastructures for decentralised organizations. Deliverable FIRB-2005-RBNE05C3AH R.A.10.1, 2007.
Methodologies and tools for verification, testing and Quality Assurance assessment are nowadays important activities in the process development, which start as soon as a software product is decided to be built. The purpose of the Verification and Validation (VV) techniques is to ensure that the final product satisfies the original requirements and design and that it fits the intended usage. Due to the peculiarity of the ART DECO infrastructure, in this deliverable we classify the VV techniques into two different groups: Off-line and On-line Verification and Validation. For each selected methodology the required background knowledge and the technical details are provided as well as a brief description of the related work. Finally in specific sections we described the possible application of the VV techniques inside the ART DECO project
Subject Verifica e Valutazione on line
Verifica e Valutazione off line

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