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Caneschi F., Ceccarelli A., Ciompi P., Iovino S., Bondavalli A., Majzik I. SAFEDMI - Detailed HW and SW specification. Safe Driver Machine Interface for ERTMS automatic train control. Deliverable D2.2, 2007.
Aim of this document is to provide the detailed architectural description of the SAFEDMI system. This document is to be considered as the foundations for the implementation of the SAFEDMI system, and should be read by the implementers, after having understood the basic SAFEDMI characteristics outlined in D2.1. This document completes the architecture by fulfilling all requirements (both those relevant for D2.1 and the remaining architectural requirements). The list of the specific requirements taken into account in here is reported in 2.4 below. A traceability matrix is included in Annex A, to show where a particular requirement is dealt with in this document. The SAFEDMI system has been described by using a methodology which ensures consistency between the general and the detailed architectural descriptions, and is detailed in the following paragraph.
Subject Safety
Human interface
Train control
H.1.2 User/Machine Systems
K.4.1 Public Policy Issues

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