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Furfari F., Lenzi S., Tazari S., Freddi M., Amoretti M., Zanichelli F. PERSONA - Full version of ambient assisted architecture specification. PERceptive Spaces prOmoting iNdependent Aging. Deliverable D3.1.1, 2007.
This report is the deliverable specifying a reference-architecture for AAL spaces. To motivate the proposed architecture, we first summarize the intermediate results along the way covered within the first year of the project towards this specification. Then we introduce a physical and a logical architecture for AAL spaces at an abstract level and explain the basic ideas and concepts within it. The abstract physical architecture treats an AAL space as a dynamic ensemble of networked nodes and the logical architecture abstracts all functionality not leading to context, input, or output events (or the direct processing of such events) as service. Hence, the proposed architecture is service oriented. Despite the explicit distinction between context events, input events, output events, and service requests and responses, the coherence of the resulting system is guaranteed based on a modeling of the basic data flow in AmI environments, which leads to the identification of a set of four communication buses, namely a context bus, an input bus, an output bus, and a service bus. To complete the discussion on the logical architecture, we introduce a set of more concrete functional components that are identified as part of the platform to be provided. These components are considered only as black boxes to define a set of requirements on each of them. The identified components are: (1) a Situation Reasoner, (2) a Dialog Manager, (3) a Service Orchestrator, (4) a Profiling Component, (5) a Privacy-Aware Identity and Security Manager, and (6) the AAL- Space Gateway. The deliverable is finally closed with the specification of the base software backing this architecture (the so-called PERSONA middleware). The middleware realizes the communication buses and enables the orchestration of the ensemble based on a set of specified ontologies, protocols, and strategies.
Subject Ambient Assisted Living
Context-aware Computing
Mobile Middleware
D.2.11 Software Architectures

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