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Bonito A. B., Gotta A. RINGRID - Summary of Requirements and Needs to be Currently Fulfilled to Efficiently Introduce the Remote Instrumentation Idea Into Practice. Evaluation and Requirements for Infrastructures. Deliverable D3.3, 2007.
This deliverable marks the end of a series of three deliverables. The three deliverables showed the reader what the state of the art in remote instrumentation middleware and networks currently is. While the second deliverable identified applications which benefit from remote instrumen- tation, this deliverable points out what prerequisites must be met in order to successfully convert these applications into remote instrumentation applications. Therefore, this deliverable serves as a basis for ongoing work regarding drafting a remote instrumentation architecture (WP6) as well for standardization efforts carried out by the RISGE (Remote Instrumentation Services in Grid Environments) research group which is currently established under the patronage of the OGF (Open Grid Forum).
Subject Grid Networks
Remote Infrastructures
C.2.4 Distributed Systems

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