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Amoretti M., Anastasiadis M., De La Vega E., Dommarco R., Furfari F., Hamisu P., Lazaro Ramos J. P., Lenzi S., Marzorati S., Montalva J. B., Pozzi S., Sorace Maresca F., Tazari S., Vera C. PERSONA - State of the art analysis of existing middleware and software-infrastructure solutions. PERceptive Spaces prOmoting iNdependent Aging ST-2005-2.6.2 Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) in the Ageing. Deliverable IR3.1.1, 2007.
This report analyzes many approaches and technologies, used in several research projects by not only academic world but also by industry, related to: architectural models and middleware, service infrastructure models, context awareness services, multi modality and multimedia integration, privacy, security, identity management and trust.
Subject Pervasive computing
Ambient Intelligence
Context Aware Systems
Smart Spaces
D.2.11 Software Architectures

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