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Chessa S., Lenzi S., Soler V., Penalver A., Meresta A., Tsangalis K., Chaloglou D., Lazaro Ramos J. P. PERSONA - State of the Art of Middleware Distributed Technologies for Networks of Embedded Devices. PERceptive Spaces prOmoting iNdependent Aging ST-2005-2.6.2 Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) in the Ageing. Deliverable IR3.4.3, 2007.
The idea behind this Internal Report is to establish the framework that is used to provide a common access mechanism to the different types of networks of devices that will be installed in PERSONA system. WP3.3 is in charge of using the information coming from sensors and other information devices as well as to promote changes in the status of actuators and other devices. The first topic was to establish a line between the work in T3.4.6 and the work in T3.3.1: requirements for the "sensor abstraction layer". Up to now, only basic requirements have been provided. Advanced requirements of this layer will come later in a deeper analysis with the work that is being done in WP3.3. In the next chapters, a state of the art on the several components of the sensor/hardware abstraction layer has been provided: protocols and data structures to create the common framework, middleware able to implement seamless access, information about how to interface external systems such us domotic systems or networks of embedded systems.
Subject Wireless sensor networks
Embedded devices
C.2 Computer-Communication Networks
C.3 Special-Purpose and Application-Based Systems
D.4 Operating Systems

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