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De Cola T., Pecorella T., Rumeau R., Davoli F., Pillai P., Potort́ F., Castro M., Barsocchi P., Oligeri G., Bracciali S., Ronga L. S., Ferro E., Bonito A. B., Caini C., Firrincieli R., Lacamera D., Morlet C., Sun Z., Kretschmer M., Kaeber J., Maier A. SatNEx - Research Tools, Trials and Testbeds JER Interim Report. Satellite communication Network of Excellence. Deliverable D6b, 2007.
WP 2400 focuses on achieving simulation and emulation tools, actually finalised to provide performance results in the frame of satellite communications, by following the SatNEx philosophy, which consists in fostering cooperations among the partners. In more detail, the WP 2400's actions, which are subdivided into Access, Network and Transport Layer Trials (JA-2410), and Application Layer Trials (JA-2420), precisely reflect research activities performed in the WP/JAs connected to WP 2400 for what regards performance analysis of satellite communications.
Subject Satcom
Trials on the field
C.2.1 Network Architecture and Design
H.1 Models and Principles

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