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Falchi F., Allasia W., Gallo F., Jonathan M., Yosi M., Miotto R., Orio N., Hagège C., Kaplan A. SAPIR - Common Schema for Feature Extraction. Search In Audio Visual Content Using Peer-to-Peer. Deliverable D3.1, 2007.
In this report we define a representation formalism for describing multimedia documents containing any combination of video, still images, music, speech, and text. A document description in this formalism includes metadata (author, title, etc.), as well as the results of automatic feature extraction for use in indexing, search, and browsing. By defining a single representation format that covers all media, we intend to support cross-media search; for example, an image similarity search might retrieve both videos and still images; and a keyword search on titles might receive documents of all media types. The representation is based on the MPEG-7 standard, with extensions to cover media, features, and metadata not covered by the standard. MPEG-7 provides a rich vocabulary for describing document structure and content, and its status as a standard means that SAPIR will be interoperable with other multimedia management systems. The SAPIR-specific extensions are defined in such a way as to preserve this interoperability. The report describes project activities undertaken as part of task T3.1
Subject MPEG-7
H.3.1 Indexing methods

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