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Falchi F., Perego R., Batko M., Zezula P. SAPIR - Design of the P2P Similarity Based Indexing Technique. Search In Audio Visual Content Using Peer-to-Peer. Deliverable D4.1, 2007.
This Deliverable is based on the activities conducted within Task T4.1 of the SAPIR project. It discusses the state-of-the-art of structured P2P systems for indexing and searching multimedia content by means of the query by example paradigm, and presents preliminary results achieved in this task. The focus is on Network-centric P2P systems composed of autonomous peers that commit all their resources to the network with the purpose of supporting construction and efficient use of arbitrary distributed data structures. The complementary Peer-centric vision, where each peer builds a local index from its own crawls or external sources, is instead the subject of Task T4.2 whose activities are described in Deliverable 4.2.
Subject P2P
metric spaces
distributed data structures
H3.3 Search process
H.3.4 Systems and Software
I.5.3 Similarity measures

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