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Peters C., Clough P., Gonzalo J., Marlow J. MultiMatch - Evaluation methodology. Multilingual/Multimedia access to cultural heritage. Deliverable D7.1, 2007.
The methodology to be adopted in the evaluation of the MultiMatch system prototypes is defined and details of the experiments to be conducted are given. Evaluation will cover both laboratory-based and user-centred assessment and will include a set of field trials. Both individual component and overall system performance will be considered. The results will be reported in Del 7.2 Evaluation of 1st prototype (18 months), Del 7.3 Evaluation of 2nd prototype (29 months) and the Field Trials, Del 7.4 (30 months) and will be used as input for system improvement and refinement. Particular attention will be given to tests with the user groups and their feedback will be taken into consideration when producing the final version of the system. The description of the methodology to be adopted for the 2nd prototype is to be considered preliminary; an update will be produced at 24 months.
Subject Component evaluation
System evaluation
User-centred evaluation
H.3.3 Information Search and Retrieval

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