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Thanos C. DELOS - Annual Scientific Report - Year 3. A Network of Excellence on Digital Library. Deliverable D10.1.3, 2007.
The DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries (www.delos.info) has initiated a long journey towards filling the gap between current Digital Library practice and the needs of modern information provision. Its goal is to foster the development of technology that will eventually overcome the restrictions of today's systems and empower everyone to further advance their knowledge, session, and role in society. Ultimately, DELOS envisions systems with no logical conceptual, physical, temporal, or personal borders or barriers on information. The DELOS vision is that Digital Libraries will become the universal knowledge repositories and communication conduits for the future, common vehicles by which everyone will access, analyze, evaluate, enhance, and exchange all forms of information. They will be indispensable tools in the daily personal and professional lives of people. They will be accessible at any time and from anywhere, and will offer a friendly, multimodal, efficient, and effective interaction and exploration environment. Clearly, any effort towards this vision requires significant change in the Digital Library development strategies of the past, with respect to functionality, operational environment, and other aspects. The DELOS Network of Excellence aims at advancing the state of the art in the field so that a first version of the vision may become reality by the end of the decade. It focuses on key instances of the above features and promises to deliver novel technology and robust prototype demonstrators that will be characterized by them.
URL: http://https://bscw.ercim.org/bscw/bscw.cgi/d232159/D10.1.3-AnnualScientificReportIII.pdf
Subject Digital Libraries
H.4 Information Systems Applications

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