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Avancini H., Borriello M., Candela L., Fabriani P., Manzi A., Pagano P., Roccetti P., Simi M., Turli A. DILIGENT - DL Creation & Management services detailed design report. DIgital Library Infrastructure on Grid ENabled Technology. Deliverable D1.2.3 V3, 2007.
The aim of this report is to present the detailed design of the gCube services constituting the DL Creation & Management functional area. It represents the third revision of the third document of a series of reports dedicated to the design of these services. It is based on the results of the previous design documents, i.e. D1.2.1 "DL Creation & Management services specification interim report" [3] and D1.2.2 "DL Creation & Management services specification report" [4]. This document takes into account the DILIGENT functional specifications reported in D1.1.1 "Test-bed functional specification" [2], and the gCube software architecture presented in "D1.1.2 Architectural Specification" [1]. It is worth noting that the content of this report reflects the current status of the work in the DL Creation & Management functional area, i.e. it contains the detailed design of the components actually delivered, and it is subject to changes and improvements that are highlighted in the Documents Log section.
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H3.7 Digital Libraries

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