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Candela L., Borriello M., Pagano P., Manieri A. DILIGENT - Training Activity Report. A DIgital Library Infrastructure on Grid ENabled Technology. Deliverable D4.1.3, 2007.
This report illustrates the training activities performed during the whole project lifetime. In particular, it describes in detail the supporting tools used to support such activities and the events organised and performed to teach people, either partaking to the project or external to it, as well as DILIGENT and its related subjects, e.g., how to use DILIGENT Search facility, how to develop a new web service compliant with DILIGENT, or which are the principles and the rationale governing the DILIGENT design. The goal of the organised events and tools has been to satisfy the information needs of the whole spectrum of actors potentially interested in DILIGENT related issues and solutions. Thus the set of resulting activities is heterogeneous and focused on specific communities / aspects by design, because it aims at meeting the expectations of the intended audience in a proper way. The report concludes by presenting and discussing some metrics about the performed activities.
Subject Intra-project training, Inter-project training, External training
H3.7 Digital Libraries

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