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Roccetti P., Pagano P., Candela L., Hauer E., Springmann M. DILIGENT - Demonstration Activity Report - final report. A DIgital Library Infrastructure on Grid ENabled Technology. Deliverable D4.4.3, 2007.
The purpose of this document is to report activities carried out in the Demonstration workpackage (WP4.4). It aims at developing a set of target-specific applications, called demonstrators, to show main features of the DILIGENT test-bed. Based on the dissemination activities, demonstrator users have been split into three target categories: Developers, Decision-Makers and End Users. These targets are interested in evaluating DILIGENT from different points of view: technical, management, functionalities, costs, etc... Taking into account interests and skills of these targets, six demonstrators have been planned, designed and implemented for the DILIGENT project. Demonstrators focus on showing users some advantages of using grids in the context of Digital Libraries. Demonstrators 1 and 2 are related to the automation of service management in a distributed infrastructure. They show the dynamic deployment of DILIGENT services and whole infrastructures on grid nodes. Demonstrators 3, 4, 5 and 6 are related to computing intensive processes performed in the content management. They use a distributed grid middleware to perform rendering and watermarking of videos, feature extraction and similarity search for images. Each demonstrator has been developed as a separate application and made available to users. A dedicated section (http://www.diligentproject.org/demonstrators/) on the DILIGENT project website has been created to present demonstrators and to give users a common start point to experiment DILIGENT features. Despite some technical and organizational issues, mainly related with the instability of technologies adopted and the resign of the FHG and UMIT partners from DILIGENT, demonstrator development has been completed on time. Nevertheless, some aspects could have been improved during the planning and design phases of demonstrators. Accessibility could have taken advantages from a deployment of demonstrators in a common infrastructure. The collection of users' feedbacks about demonstrators' usage could have lead DILIGENT developers to a better understand of user expectations and requirements. Beyond these points, activities of this workpackage have been completed and results are now available to DILIGENT user communities.
Subject Digital Library Demonstrators
H3.7 Digital Libraries

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