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Di Giandomenico F., Chiaradonna S. CRUTIAL - Methodologies Synthesis. Critical Utility InfrastructurAL Resilience. Deliverable D3, 2007.
This deliverable deals with the modelling and analysis of interdependencies between critical infrastructures, focussing attention on two interdependent infrastructures studied in the context of CRUTIAL: the electric power infrastructure and the information infrastructures supporting management, control and maintenance functionality. The main objectives are: 1) investigate the main challenges to be addressed for the analysis and modelling of interdependencies, 2) review the modelling methodologies and tools that can be used to address these challenges and support the evaluation of the impact of interdependencies on the dependability and resilience of the service delivered to the users, and 3) present the preliminary directions investigated so far by the CRUTIAL consortium for describing and modelling interdependencies.
Subject Interdependencies Modelling
Electric Power System
Continuous and discrete processes

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