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Castelli D., Pagano P., Kakaletris G., Schuldt H. DILIGENT - Annex 2 - Building Digital Libraries on Grid-enabled technologies: challenges, experiences, and results. Tutorial at ECDL Conference 2007, Budapest, September 2007. DIgital Library Infrastructure on Grid ENabled Technology. Deliverable D4.1.3 - Annex 2, 2007.
Digital Libraries are now envisioned as flexible systems set up by virtual organizations for supporting collaboration among its members. The sustainability of this new paradigm strongly relies on the two major capabilities: (i) controlled sharing of content, services and computing resources across organizations and (ii) on-demand creation of digital libraries throught the dynamic aggregation of the necessary shared resources. This tutorial will provide an overview of the solutions that can be used to implement this vision, focusing in particular on the exploitation of grid technologies and infrastructures. The solutions presented will be exemplified by presenting how they have been concretely put in practice in deploying DILIGENT (http://www.diligentproject.org), an infrastructure for supporting the creation of on-demand, transient digital libraries. The DILIGENT functionality will be exemplified by showing two digital libraries that have been created using this infrastructure: one for supporting the preparation of courses and other teaching activities in the Culture-Heritage sector and the other one supporting the process of reports preparation in the Earth Observation sector. Demonstrators will also be available to illustrate the realization of specific functionalities like image features extractions, video watermarking, and more low level functionality implemented to support the on-demand creation and management of digital libraries, like dynamic deployment and configuration of web services on remote hosting nodes belonging to the infrastructure.
URL: http://diligent.org/2007-TutorialJCDL-0001
Subject Digital Library Models
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