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Lukasiewicz T., Straccia U. Managing uncertainty and vagueness in semantic Web languages. In: AAAI-07 - Twenty-Second Conference on Artificial Intelligence (Vancouver, 22-26 July 2007).
The tutorial presents the state of the art in representing and reasoning with uncertain and/or vague knowledge in the Semantic Web. Since web content is very likely to be uncertain and/or vague, there is a strong need to deal with such forms of knowledge in the Semantic Web. This need to deal with uncertainty and vagueness in the Semantic Web has been recognized by a large number of research efforts in this direction. The tutorial aims at making attendees familiar with the concepts and techniques for representing and reasoning with uncertain and vague knowledge in Semantic Web ontology and rule languages, such as OWL, RuleML, and SWRL, which should help the attendees to get insights on main features of the formalisms and tools proposed so far.
Subject Semantic Web
I.2.4 Knowledge Representation Formalisms and Methods

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