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Anselmo L., Pardini C. Long-term evolution of geosynchronous orbital debris with high area-to-mass ratios: effect of the sun-earth varying distance. In: 25th IADC Plenary Meeting (Toulouse, France, 2-6 July 2007).
The recent observational discovery of a nearly geosynchronous population of artificial debris in eccentric orbit, and with very high area-to-mass ratios (up to nearly 25 sqm/kg), stimulated the revisit of direct solar radiation pressure models, in order to assess their long-term performances in such extreme conditions. The dynamical behavior of objects with average area-to-mass ratios between 1 and 50 sqm/kg was investigated in the framework of a research program of detailed numerical simulations.
Subject Geosynchronous orbital debris
Long-term evolution of debris in GEO
Debris with high area-to-mass ratio in GEO
J.2 Physical Sciences and Engineering
70M20 Orbital mechanics

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