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Bellandi A., Furletti B., Grossi V., Romei A. Ontology-driven association rule extraction: a case study. In: C&O:RR-2007 - Contexts and Ontologies Representation and Reasoning (Roskilde University, Denmark, 21 August 2007). Proceedings, vol. 298 pp. 10 - 19. CEUR-WS.org, 2007.
This paper proposes an integrated framework for extracting Constraint-based Multi-level Association Rules with an ontology support. The system permits the definition of a set of domain-specific constraints on a specific domain ontology, and to query the ontology for filtering the instances used in the association rule mining process. This method can improve the quality of the extracted associations rules in terms of relevance and understandability
URL: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-298/paper1.pdf
Subject Association Rules
Data mining
H.2.8 Database Applications. Data mining
68U99 None of the above, but in this section

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