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Cappelli A., Bartalesi Lenzi V., Sprugnoli R., Biagioli C. Modelization of domain concepts extracted from the italian privacy legislation. In: IWCS-7 - Seventh International Workshop on Computational Semantics (Tilburg, The Netherlands, 10-12 January 2007). Proceedings, pp. 305 - 308. Jeroen Geertzen, Elias Thijsse, Harry Bunt, Amanda Schiffrin (eds.). Tilburg University, 2007.
In this article we present ongoing experiments for the creation of a specialized ontology, "ontoPrivacy", for the Italian Privacy legislation.Taking into consideration some previous works in the legal domain, the aim of our project is to give, by using a bottom-up approach, a conceptual organization of a selected glossary from the Italian Personal Data Protection Code. The connection between relevant terms and ontoPrivacy will facilitated the retrieval process and the consultation and understanding of the law code.
Subject Legal models
Legal ontologies
Lexical analysis
H.3.1 Content Analysis and Indexing. Linguistic processing

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