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Coppola M., Yang E. Y., Matthews B., Lakhani A., Jegou Y., Morin C., Sanchez O. D., Franke C., Robinson P., Hohl A., Scheuermann B., Vladusic D., Yu H., Qin A., Lee R., Focht E. Virtual organization management in XtreemOS: an overview. In: Towards Next Generation Grids. CoreGRID Symposium 2007 (Rennes, France, 27-28/08 2007). Proceedings, pp. 73 - 82. Priol Thierry, Vanneschi Marco (eds.). (CoreGRID Symposium). Springer, 2007.
XtreemOS aims to build and promote a Linux based operating system to provide native Virtual Organization (VO) support in the next generation Grids. XtreemOS takes a different approach from many existing Grid middleware by: first, recognizing the fundamental role of VO in Grid computing and hence taking VO support into account from the very beginning of our design; and, second, getting around the overheads brought by layers of existing Grid middleware by enabling native VO support in the Linux operating system. This paper presents our vision of VOs in a Grid operating system and describes various aspects of VO management in our system architecture, ranging from lifecycle management, application execution management, security, to node-level enforcement mechanisms in operating system.
Subject XtreemOS
Virtual Organizations
Operating Systems
C.2.4 Distributed Systems
K.6.5 Security and Protection

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