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Tonellotto N., Laforenza D., Coppola M., Zoccolo C., Danelutto M., Vanneschi M. Managing user expectations with component performance contracts. In: CoreGRID Workshop on Usage of Service Level Agreements in Grids (Austin, Texas, USA, 19 Settembre 2007). Proceedings, (Core GRID Springer Series). Springer Verlag, 2007.
In this paper we introduce a definition of performance contract for hierarchical component applications communicating through one-way asynchronous communications. Component annotations allow to express a generic performance model, performance requirements and resource constraints. We propose an $O(n^{3.5})$ algorithm to obtain from user expectations the minimum resource requirements which ensure the desired QoS, to be exploited successively in a SLA negotiation phase. The technique is suitable for automatic execution, exploiting developer-provided annotations, and is validated with experiments on heterogeneous grid platforms.
Subject Performance contracts
Component-based programming
D.1.3 Concurrent Programming

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