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Jones G. J., Zhang Y., Newman E., Fantino F., Debole F. Multilingual Search for Cultural Heritage Archives via Combining Multiple Translation Resource. In: ACL 2007 Workshop on Language Technology for Cultural Heritage Data (Praga, Repubblica Ceca, 28 giugno 2007). Proceedings, pp. 81 - 88. Ominpress, 2007.
The linguistic features of material in Cultural Heritage (CH) archives may be in various languages requiring a facility for effective multilingual search. The specialised language often associated with CH content introduces problems for automatic translation to support search applications. The MultiMatch project is focused on enabling users to interact with CH content across different media types and languages. We present results from a MultiMatch study exploring various translation techniques for the CH domain. Our experiments examine translation techniques for the English language CLEF 2006 Cross-Language Speech Retrieval (CL-SR) task using Spanish, French and German queries. Results compare effectiveness of our query translation against a monolingual baseline and show improvement when combining a domain-speci c translation lexicon with a standard machine translation system.
Subject multilingual information retrieval
cultural heritage
H.3.1 Content Analysis and Indexing

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