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Techiouba A., Capannini G., Baraglia R., Puppin D., Pasquali M., Ricci L. Backfilling strategies for scheduling streams of jobs on computational farms. In: CoreGRID Workshop on Grid Programming Model, Grid and P2P Systems Architecture, Grid Systems, Tools and Environments (Heraklion, Crete, Greece, 12-13 June 2007). Proceedings, vol. (pubblicazione cartacea in: Proceedings of the CoreGRID Workshop on Programming Models Grid and P2P System Architecture Grid Systems, Tools and Environments, pp. 103-115. Springer, 2008) CoreGrid project, 2007.
This paper presents a set of strategies for scheduling a stream of batch jobs on the machines of a heterogeneous computational farm. Our proposal is based on a flexible backfilling, which schedules jobs according to a priority assigned to each jobs submitted for the execution. Priority values are computed as a result of a set of heuristics whose main goal is both to improve resources utilization and to meet the QoS requirements of the jobs. The heuristics consider the deadlines of the jobs, their estimated execution time and aging in the scheduling queue. Furthermore, the set of software licenses required by a job is also considered. The different proposals have been compared through simulations. Performance figures show the applicability of our approach.
Subject Job scheduling on Grid
F.2.2 Nonnumerical Algorithms and Problems. Sequencing and scheduling

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