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Santoro C., Paterṇ F., Ricci G., Leporini B. A multimodal mobile museum guide for all. In: 9th International Conference on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services. Mobile HCI'07 (Singapore, 9-12 September 2007). Proceedings, pp. 21 - 25. University of Munich, 2007.
Museums represent a particularly suitable context in which to experiment with new interaction techniques for guiding visitors and improving their experience. This is mainly due to the large amount of digital information available, the technological resources more and more adopted in such environments, and the range of different visitors museums always receive. In this paper we present a preliminary work of a portable, multimodal museum guide also able to offer diverse accessibility options to users, so as to fit and support the needs and preferences of different users, including the visually impaired. Our work combines multiple modalities -gestures, location, graphical and voice. In particular, we will focus on how tilt gestures can be used to control and navigate the user interface in order to enhance the user experience, including the case when the users are the blind.
Subject Multimodality
Mobile guides
H.5.2 User Interfaces

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