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Peters C. Multilingual information access for digital libraries: the role of CLEF within DELOS. In: DELOS Conference on Digital Libraries (Tirrenia, Pisa, 13-14 February 2007). Proceedings, pp. 51 - 60. C. Thanos and F. Borri (eds.). (DELOS Conference Working Notes). DELOS, 2007.
Multilingual information access and cross-language search and retrieval are key issues for digital libraries. For this reason, DELOS has continued to support the activities of the Cross-Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF), which has the promotion of research in multilingual information retrieval system development as its main goal. This paper describes the evolution of CLEF over the last seven years, illustrates the main results, and provides some recommendations for future work in this area
Subject Cross-language information retrieval
Evaluation campaign
H.3.3 Information Search and Retrieval
H.3.4 Systems and Software: Performance evaluation (efficiency and effectiveness)

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