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Savić D., Potortě F., Furfari F., Bešter J., Tomažič S., Pustišek M. Storing and exchanging simulation results in telecommunications. In: 6th EUROSIM '07 (Ljubljana (Slovenia), 09-13 September 2007). Proceedings, vol. 2 pp. 1 - 7. ARGESIM - ARGE Simulation News, 2007.
Though storing and exchanging simulation data is a rather simple task done by simulation practitioners, it is quite often a challenge as huge quantities of data are not uncommon, and conversion between different formats can be much time consuming. After examining some of the needs of the telecommunications simulation community, we describe the architecture of a working prototype - CostGlue - to be used as a general-purpose archiver and converter for large quantities of simulation data. The software architecture of the CostGlue tool is modular therefore allowing further development and contributions from other research sphere of activity. The core of the tool - CoreGlue - is responsible for communicating with the database. It acts as a unified interface for writing to the database and reading from it. Specific functions like import and export of data and different mathematical calculations are represented as a set of self-described modules, which are loaded as necessary. The graphic user interface is introduced as a web application for the simplicity of use and effective remote access to the application. The software package CostGlue is going to be released as free software with the possibility of further development.
URL: http://fly.isti.cnr.it/curriculum/pot_abstracts.html#C26:Costglue-Eurosim07
Subject Simulation
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D.2.12 Inoperability

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