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Locuratolo E., Palomäki J. Extensional and intensional aspects of conceptual design. In: 17th European-japanese Conference on Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases EJC 2007 (Pori, Finland, 4-8 June 2007). Proceedings, pp. 161 - 172. Hannu Jaakkola, Yasushi Kiyoki and Takahiro Tokuda (eds.). Tampereen teknillien yliopisto, 2007.
A partition method is designed to achieve the flexibility of semantic model in reflecting changes occurring in real life and the efficiency on object systems. The method of partition has been applied only to the extensional aspects of concepts, i.e. sets. In this paper a partition method is applied to the intensional aspects of concepts as well. A particular problem concerning the intensional negation of a concept is solved by defining a restricted intensional negation of a concept, which is important in all practical conceptual design situations all of which are confined in specific restricted part of the universe of discourse. Some further development of partitioning is presented as well.
Subject Semantic models
H.1 Models and Principles
H.2 Database Management

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