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Chessa S., Di Pietro R., Ferro E., Giunta G., Oligeri G. Mobile application security for video streaming authentication and data integrity combining digital signature and watermarking techniques. In: Vehicular Technology Conference, 2007. VTC2007-Spring IEEE 65th (Dublin, 22-25 aprile 2007). Proceedings, pp. 634 - 638. IEEE, 2007.
Satellite link presents peculiar characteristics like no packet reordering and low bit error rate. In this paper we leverage these characteristics combined with watermarking techniques to propose a novel authentication algorithm for multicast video streaming. This algorithm combines a single digital signature with a hash chain pre-computed on the transmitter side; the hash chain is embedded in the video stream by means of a watermarking technique. Our proposal shows several interesting features: Authentication is enforced, as well as integrity of the received multicast stream; received blocks can be authenticated on the fly; no storage is required on the receiver side, except for the amount of memory needed to store a single hash; overhead computations required on the receiver sum up to single hash per block, while a digital signature verification is amortized over the whole received stream. Finally, note that the bandwidth overhead introduced is negligible, since the applied watermarking technique introduces virtually no modifications (at least, not recognizable by humans) on the original video stream pictures.
URL: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/iel5/4196544/4196545/04196686.pdf?isnumber=4196545&prod=CNF&arnumber=4196686&arSt=634&ared=638&arAuthor=Gaetano+Giunta%3B+Stefano+Chessa%3B+Roberto+Di+Pietro%3B+Erina+Ferro%3B+Gabriele+Oligeri&htry=9
Subject Watermarking
Video streaming
Digital security
Satellite broadcasting

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