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Bertolino A., Gao J., Marchetti E., Polini A. XModel-based testing of XSLT applications. In: Third INternational Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies. WEBIST 2007 (Barcelona, Spain, 3-6 March 2007). Proceedings, vol. Web Interfaces and Applications pp. 282 - 288. Joaquim Filipe, Josť Cordeiro, Bruno Encarnacao and Vitor Pedrosa. ISTICC, 2007.
Model-based testing is nowadays the emerging paradigm for software testing in many domains. In the Web arena XML Schema is becoming the technology of reference to describe data structure and applications input domains. The proposed tool (TAXI - Testing by Automatically generated XML Instances) exploits such a model to automatically derive correct XML instances applying the well-known Category-partition methodology. In this paper we introduce an improvement of TAXI to test XSLT Stylesheets. Indeed, with XSLT Stylesheets increasingly getting larger and more complex, their correctness becomes a crucial factor for software quality and hence we believe that they need careful validation. Two different case studies illustrate the approach to the validation of XML to XML and XML to XHTML transformations.
URL: http://webist.org
Subject Automatic Tests Generation
Category Partition
XSLT Testing
D.2.5 Testing and Debugging

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