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Alocci I., Berioli M., Celandroni N., Giambene G., Karapantazis S. Proposal of a reliable multicast protocol in a HAP-satellite architecture. In: IEEE 65th Vehicular Technology Conference. VTC2007 (Dublino, 23-25 aprile 2007). Proceedings, pp. 1380 - 1384. IEEE, 2007.
Terrestrial and satellite networks have dominated the telecommunications arena for years. In parallel with these two well-established technologies, a new alternative based on plat- forms located in the stratosphere, termed High Altitude Platforms (HAP's), has gained considerable interest in the past few years. In this paper, we consider an integrated HAP-satellite architecture and propose a reliable multicast protocol that capitalizes upon the HAP-layer to perform local retransmissions. Our protocol relies on a progressive packet-level Forward Error Correction (FEC) scheme. The performance of this multicast protocol has been supported thorough the comparison with a theoretical bound in the literature.
URL: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/iel5/4196544/4196545/04196834.pdf?tp=&arnumber=4196834&isnumber=4196545
Subject High Altitude Platform
Forward Error Correction
Multicast protocol

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