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Coppola M., Tonellotto N., Danelutto M., Zoccolo C., Lacour S., Pérez C., Priol T. Towards a common deployment model for Grid systems. Sergei Gorlatch and Marco Danelutto (eds.). (Computer Science). USA: Springer US, 2007.
Deploying applications within a Grid infrastructure is an important aspect that has not yet been fully addressed. This is particularly true when high-level abstractions, like objects or components, are offered to the programmers. High-level applications are built on run-time supports that require the deployment process to span over and coordinate several middleware systems, in an application independent way. This paper addresses deployment by illustrating how it has been handled within two projects (ASSIST and GridCCM). As the result of the integration of the experience gained by researchers involved in these two projects, a common deployment process is presented.
Subject Grid computing
generic model
D.1.3 Concurrent Programming

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