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Candela L., Akal F., Avancini H., Castelli D., Fusco L., Guidetti V., Christoph L., Manzi A., Pagano P., Schuldt H., Simi M., Springmann M., Voicu L. DILIGENT: integrating digital library and grid technologies for a new earth observation research infrastructure. In: International Journal on Digital Libraries, vol. 7 (1-2) pp. 59 - 80. Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, 2007.
This paper introduces DILIGENT, a digital library infrastructure built by integrating digital library and Grid technologies and resources. This infrastructure allows different communities to dynamically build specialised digital libraries capable to support the entire e-Science knowledge production and consumption life-cycle by using shared computing, storage, content, and application resources. The paper presents some of the main software services that implement the DILIGENT system. Moreover, it exemplifies the provided features by presenting how the DILIGENT infrastructure is being exploited in supporting the activity of user communities working in the Earth Science Environmental sector.
URL: http://www.springerlink.com/content/100475/
Subject Digital Library
Earth Science
Information Systems and Communication Service
H.3.7 Digital Library
I.0 Computing Methodologies

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