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Cardillo A., Musso I. Analisi delle traiettorie missione DTFT0. Il lavoro del personale CNR-ISTI stato effettuato nell'ambito del contratto ASI N. I/019/05/0. Technical report, 2006.
The Unmanned Space Vehicle test flights use an aircraft with a weight of 1300kg and a length of 7m. The first launch had been planned at the Stratospheric Balloon Launch Facilities of the Italian Space Agency in Trapani-Milo, Sicily. An heavy stratospheric balloon had been chosen to drop the aircraft at the predefined altitude. The aircraft demonstrator after a free fall acceleration to transonic velocity, through a horizontal flight reduces its speed in order to deploy a parachute for an appropriate splash-down into the predefined safe area of the central Mediterranean Sea. This document contains the USV_DTFT0 mission flight analysis and in particular: the study of the statistical properties of the balloon trajectories; the uncertainty on trajectory prediction; the verification of the mission constrains and their compliance with trajectories; the definition of the re-entry areas for a safe recovery into the centre of the Mediterranean Sea; the definition of the nominal flight profile.
URL: http://www.asi.it/
Subject Balloon flight control
Balloon flight prediction
Balloon mission analysis
J.2 Physical sciences and engineering. Aerospace

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