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Amato G., Baronti P., Chessa S. MaD-WiSe: a Distributed Query Processor for Wireless Sensor Networks. The document Journal: VLDB Journal, Technical report, 2006.
We propose a comprehensive approach to distributed query processing in wireless sensor networks. We consider various aspects related to database system design and we revise, reinterpret, and redefine them according to the wireless sensor networks context. We consider the aspects related to the definition of a query language, data model, query algebra, and query optimization strategies. All these aspects are consistently discussed and defined. We show that the proposed approach enables optimizations of the query plan which may reduce the costs, in terms of consumed energy, of orders of magnitude.
Subject Sensor databases
Wireless sensor networks
Distributed query processing
Query optimization
H.2 Database Management
C.2 Computer-Communication Networks

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