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Anselmo L., Pardini C. ESA/ESOC - Long-Term Simulation of Objects in High-Earth Orbits. ESA ESOC Study Note of Work Package No. 2, Part I, Version 1.0. Project report 18423/04/D/HK, 2006.
This report (Part I of the Study Note of Work Package 2) presents the results obtained by applying the most accurate and complete long-term orbit propagator used in SDM 4.0 to study specific problems involving the MEO and GEO orbital regimes. In particular, the following topics were investigated: 1. The long-term evolution of GEO disposal orbits and the role in it of the initial eccentricity vector; 2. The identification of initial orbit elements and area-to-mass ratios leading to synchronous high eccentricity orbits like those recently discovered by the ESA 1 m telescope in Tenerife; 3. The orbital lifetime of objects in Molniya-like orbits as a function of initial conditions and operational practice. The long-term evolution of objects placed in the graveyard orbits used or proposed for the navigation satellites in MEO, in particular Galileo, is addressed in a companion report (Part II of the Study Note of Work Package 2).
Subject High Earth Orbits
Long-Term Evolution
Space Debris
J.2 Physical Sciences and Engineering
70M20 Orbital mechanics

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