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Martelli F. Packet scheduling algorithms for interconnected single-hop multichannel systems.
In this thesis, we investigated some aspects of the packet scheduling problem for networks of single-hop multichannel systems. We described typical single-hop multicannel systems, i.e. the telecommunication satellite ones, with more attention to satellite constellations using intersatellite links. This kind of system is the main subject of this thesis. We described also other systems, again classified as single-hop multichannel, namely high-speed switches and some types of optical networks. After that, the most important and popular algorithms developed for the scheduling problem in high-speed switches and optical networks are surveyed. Then, we reviewed all work done in satellite context, focusing on single satellite systems. We give all formal definitions for introducing the packet scheduling problem, that in this setting is called
URL: http://www.di.unipi.it/phd/tesi/tesi_2005/PhDthesis_Martelli.pdf
Subject Packet scheduling algorithm

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