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John I., Bass L., Lami G. Proceedings of the Software Product Lines Doctoral Symposium. In: Software Product Lines Doctoral Symposium. Editorial, p. -. Symposium, 2006.
Different from other software engineering techniques, product-line engineering arose from practical experience in industry. But as with every successful technique product line engineering can also be considered only a real standard approach when it is not only applied in practice but also widely researched and especially taught in academia. Practice and academia are the two sides of the same coin. While industry sets the requirements, academia prepares the practitioners of tomorrow. The SPLC doctoral symposium provides a platform for young researchers to present their work to an international audience and discuss it with each other and with experts in the field. The SPLC doctoral symposium originates from the successful experience of the past two editions of the SPLYR (Software Product Lines Young Researchers) workshop held in conjunction with SPLC '04 and SPLC '05. Experienced researchers will comment on the presented work and give feedback for further development, research goals, methods, and results to provide useful guidance in completion of the dissertation research. This event is a unique opportunity for the presenting young researchers and doctoral students to receive invaluable expert feedback, make contact with other researchers in the field, professionally present their work, and become familiar with other approaches and future research topics. The doctoral symposium addresses research activities in the field of software product lines (SPLs). The peculiarity of this doctoral symposium is that it is addressed specifically to young researchers with original ideas and initiatives in the SPL field. Although it mainly addresses PhD work in progress, we also encouraged the submission of other work in progress such as master's degree or diploma theses. Different from the standard procedure of other doctoral symposiums and workshops, we have no blind peer reviews. Each student was assigned to one or two product line experts who reviewed the proposal and discussed pros and cons of the work with the student. We would like to thank our reviewers and panelists.
Subject Software product lines
D.2.10 Design

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