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Pantazaras S., Zoppi F., Toli E., Benians S., Delis A. BELIEF - Technical & Evaluation Report of 1st BELIEF Brainstorming Workshop. Bringing Europe's eLectronic Infrastructures to Expanding Frontiers. Deliverable WP3D9, 2006.
The main objective of 1st Brainstorming BELIEF Workshop was to bring together experts in the areas of eInfrastructures, Grid computing, Digital Libraries, and Management of Data, along with selected IT professionals, researchers, and project managers to consider and debate the development of Scientific Repositories and Content Management in terms of technical, managerial, legal, financial, and user issues. The combination of Content Management and Scientific Repositories jointly termed as Knowledge Infrastructures (KIs) are expected to play a critical role in the continuity of European leadership in the area of e-Infrastructures. The workshop was organized as a forum for experts to put forward key questions for the development of KIs and debate them in a collegiate manner. As such, the meeting proved to be very successful as it was very well attended and its informal setting provided the required environment for a critical and exciting exchange of diverse views.
Subject Digital Library
Future Knowledge Infrastructures
Content Management
Scientific Repositories
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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