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Bertolino A. TELCERT - Future recommendations on advanced testing technologies. Technology Enhanced Learning: Conformance - European Requirements & Testing. Deliverable D25 V1.0, 2006.
This deliverable illustrates the research directions that have been explored, within the Telcert project, both in the area of UML profile conformance testing and in the area of Web Services testing. The idea that pushed the project partners to investigate such domains is direct consequence of the current trend within elearning standard bodies. A first trend concern the strong interest on Web Services technologies and the emergence of standard specification representing the elearning environment as the interaction and collaboration of different services. Another requirement that is strongly emerging is the possibility of having methodologies and mechanisms permitting to adapt a standard specification to special and local needs, but still guaranteeing a certain level of interoperability with other systems conforming to the standard. UML seems a powerful language to express such kind of specification and adaptation techniques. In this document we continue the exploration in the domain of Formal Testing methodologies to derive test suites for conformance evaluation of WS implementations. In particular we extend the treatment considering the integration of more services within a specified orchestration or choreography. The research results shown in this document are still partial since the work on this topic is still undergoing. So the objective of this document is not to illustrate a complete solution to the problem of testing services or UML profiles instead the idea is to provide a possible picture of which are the interesting subjects that require deeper investigations possibly outlining promising approaches.
Subject Web services
D.2.11 Software Architectures

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